The Fortress at the Hisarlaka Park, Kyustendil

Bulgaria, Kyustendil district, Hissarluka Hill
GPS: 42.266067,22.67949

The fortress is situated at the highest flat spot of the Hisarlaka Hill two kilometers to the southeast of Kysutendil. Read more

The fortress was built at the turn of 4th century. It was readjusted in 6th century and was in use during the time of the First and Second Bulgarian States. It was demolished by the Ottomans in 15th century.
The fortress has the shape of an irregular polygon. It is 117 meters by 175 meters in size and its territory is 2,12 hectares. The fortress is protected by 14 round, triangular and rectangular  towers. There are two gates and five secret entrances. The main and widest gate is in the eastern wall near the main road.

The width of the fortress wall varies between 1.6 and 3 meters. The supposed height of the walls is 10 meters and the towers are 12 meters tall. The building technique is termed opus mixtum.

The interesting construction techniques, the combination of different building techniques and materials as well as the excavated archeological monuments from different historical periods make the Hisarlaka Fortress one of the most important strongholds in Bulgaria.