Female traditional costume in Kyustendil district

The female traditional costume in Kyustendil belongs to russet type of clothing typical for the whole of Southern Bulgaria. Cut following the model of the Kyustendil “saya” it is very close to the “zabuna” from Bansko, the saya from Devin and Demirkhisar. It was added to the local set of clothing back in 7th -19th century. In some areas it was known as "sagya", as it is called, when used in the Morihovska traditional costume in Macedonia.

The female traditional costume in Kyustendil consisted of: a shirt, saya, belt tkanitsa, skutacha, skutap, kontush, yashmak, socks, or opintsi or tsrevye.

The most important part of the female costume is the shirt. Originally it was made of hemp, then of cotton. The cotton fabric was known by the name "melezeno". The "tow" or " melezeno " shirt was decorated with "vezeve" (embroidery) on the sleeves and skirt. The edge of the sleeves was braided with thin hemp or thick cotton thread, known as "zapesyo" or "podvezok." The "podlatitsa", i.e. the inner half of the sleeve is trimmed only with hemp thread. The edge is hemmed in the "Turkish" style. The collar of the shirt is called "ogarlech."

The basic tone in the Kyustendil needlework is red, with additional hues in green, yellow, blue and black.