Meeting of Rusalii, village of Sekirnik, Bosilevo

FYR Macedonia, South-East region
GPS: 41.44337,22.794029

The Rusalii are man dressed in special folk costumes, preforming games with magical content. To the costume a wooden saber is added and the Rusali is holding it in his hand. The ritual to expel the evil, preformed by the Rusalii in Gevgelija, is held in the unbaptized days from 6th to 19th January.

The gatherings are held in village Sekirnik. In folk costumes, on Christmas, Easter and Great Holy Mary, the rusali’s are visiting the villages to expel the evil spirits and to wish health and success to the hosts. This custom is connected with the emigration of the Macedonian people from Kukush and their settlement in this region, and the games are symbolic representation of the hard life.

GPS: 41.436585, 22.796519